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Rush is Right

We Know Washington Doesn’t Want to Stop Illegal Immigration — and That’s Why We Don’t Trust Washington June 21, 2013 BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Senator McCain this afternoon was on Fox News Channel’s Happening Now. Jon Scott talked to him.  He … Continue reading

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Speaking Rice to Power

Obama makes two troubling decisions about his foreign policy team Can you imagine having to work with these two ladies? everyday? in close proximity? Obama has committed the textbook definition of, Hoist with His Own Petard.  

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Cattle Prod, Truth Serum and Polonium

Government likely to open criminal probe into NSA leaks:  officials I think ‘criminal probe’ is an understatement. More likely it will be a cattle prod, followed by a psychoactive truth serum and topped off with a polonium cocktail. It is … Continue reading

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Magic Grits

My response to Ungar’s California To Wal-Mart: Enough! No More Taxpayer Subsidized Profits For You Ungar’s unctions unleash a new fracture in the San Andreas space time continuum. A miracle has occurred, the laws of economics have ceased to … Continue reading

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Lutherans Crash and Burn

Evangelical Lutheran Church elects first openly gay bishop,0,7261828.story Hat Tip Christian doctrine, faith and practice comes from Scripture.  Scripture teaches the price that Jesus paid was adequate for all mankind.  However Scripture also teaches, over and over again: 9 Or … Continue reading

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