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Andrew Kohut:  The GOP Is in Better Shape Than You Think

I guess what bothers me about Mr. Kohut article it conflates political philosophy and commodities. The abortion debate, for example, is about being allowed to kill a baby. Whether or not the issue is re-packaged anew, i.e. war on women, with pink ribbons, doesn’t alter the life and death decision being made. Obamacare cannot be proxied as just another new fragrant dandruff shampoo with a pump dispenser, it cuts to the core of Capitalism verses Socialism/Communism, free religious expression, and personal privacy. Finally, Mr. Kohut obviously lives in Washington. The government shutdown was an uprising of the people, telling the Federal Government to get its fiscal house in order, now. The shutdown was not received as poorly in fly over country as it was in Washington, duh. The failure of Washington to heed any fiscal restraint and to continue to fund another massive entitlement, Obamacare, frankly just means the country has crossed the fiscal Rubicon. There is no free lunch; ad nauseam surveys of men, women, genders, independents, young, old, rich, or poor, is spitting in the wind in the face of a fiscal typhoon where the “chickens will come home to roost” and the outcome is guaranteed to be disastrous for our country.

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