Zucker punch

Americans for a Conservative Direction, a front group of FWD.us, financed by Mark Zuckerberg, lefty Facebook chief executive and gazillionaire, is attempting to push for immigration reform on conservative formatted radio stations.

The radio script: “House Republicans have a conservative solution to fix our broken immigration system. Their plan — Step 1: Secure the Border and require tough employment verification. The Republican plan will put more agents on the border and give them better equipment and technology to fight the problem. And it establishes a reliable e-verify system to ensure that employers only hire people who can legally work here. Step 2: Anyone in America illegally undergoes a criminal background check. If they have a violent criminal past, they should be deported. Step 3: Pay fines, taxes and learn English. No amnesty. But a chance at the American dream for those brought here as children. Step by step, House Republicans want to fix the immigration problem, which will strengthen our economy. Get the facts for yourself.”

And if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your health plan you can keep your heath plan and your medical insurance costs will drop by $2500 per year.

Why does Zuckerberg think these ads will be effective?  They won’t.


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