Angel Cover

My response to:

Federal workers planning sabotage of the Trump administration

By Ed Straker

I dunno, the angels seem to be flying cover for Trump, i.e. a sua sponte en banc request from the 9th short circuit was the left’s first admission of a serious error in legal judgment (or a huge misreading of public attitudes.) Even Trump’s losses have boomeranged into wins. There’s not many celebrating Sally Yates’ defiance. Most federal workers are inordinately employment security conscious and that’s a major reason [I’d guess the health insurance is 2nd and the pension benefits are 3rd] they joined the lethargic leviathan. I doubt many of the rank and file will leak or revolt. With a couple more Yates type firings, even the Ivy Leaguers will heel. There are only so many lunatic fringe private jobs available and Brock’s sopped up much of that funding anyway.

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