1. Causing general public outrage by a perceived offense against morality or law: “a series of scandalous liaisons”.
  2. (of a state of affairs) Disgracefully bad, typically as a result of someone’s negligence or irresponsibility

The current administration in Washington seems embroiled in scandal. Lord Acton, appears vindicated again.  The strange thing about power; it messes with your mind, actions and personality.  In our post modern age where a claim of “morality” can only be used against People of the Book, how can public outrage be possible?

I am very concerned the new Pope is speaking out against free market capitalism.(1)  What does Pope Francis suggest be its replacement?  Argentina has not been a model of free market capitalism.  Despotic tyranny results when the people’s freedom is lost.  Freedom is still best provided by free markets, not government.  True compassion for the poor is only given by free moral individuals.  Coercion and forced redistribution is not compassion.  Unfortunately, Robert Bork’s, Slouching towards Gomorrah, seems to have cascaded to free-fall.


2.  An editorial on the Pope’s comments.

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