Natural Born Citizen

My response to:

Desperate, Dishonest Donald Trump Goes Birther on Ted Cruz

By Michael Van Der Galien

I like Cruz, I’d vote for him. Trump, however, has been politically brilliant, not “desperate or dishonest”. Trump has had to spend no money against Cruz but now Attorney Cruz will have to spend a whole bunch of money and time, telling voters to ignore a phrase in the Constitution or to interpret “natural born citizen” like Democrats do. GSR, earlier, is correct, the Constitutional phrase “natural born citizen” has been legally redefined out of existence but it’s still in the Constitution and that supposedly matters to the GOP.

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My response to:

Who’s most likely to be the 2016 Republican nominee?

By Chris Cillizza

Chris, stay away from the racetrack. Trump/Cruz/Christie is the trifecta, as Trump has a real shot at winning New York. If Republicans can win New York, the Democrats cannot win. The gamble will prove too juicy for the GOP to pass up.

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What though nations rage

My response to:

Contending with texts

By Bill Leonard

I’m not sure why you believe Malcolm, Ochs and Lilla are relevant when contending with sacred texts. You’ve painted a picture of insecurity, instability and a far away God. Wendell P Lovelass wrote a hymn just before America entered WWII, I Have Christ in My Heart. It goes:

What though wars may come,With marching feet and beat of the drum,
For I have Christ in my heart;
What though nations rage,
As we approach the end of the age,
For I have Christ in my heart.
God is still on the throne, Almighty God is He;
And He cares for His own through all eternity.
So let come what may, whatever it is, I only say
That I have Christ in my heart,
I have Christ in my heart.

Tune here:

It may be simplistic but I believe God has the world’s situation well in hand and Christ is coming back soon. Our duty is to be faithfully ready and to keep Christ in our heart.

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My response to:

Donald Trump’s Apprenticeship

by Daniel Henninger

The WSJ, to some extent, and the MSM in general now live in hazy land blanketed in fog, perhaps it’s drug or alcohol ingestion but most likely the condition is caused by an inbred thinking anomaly, along the lines of affulenza. The country is $20 trillion in debt and Congress hands Obama a blank check with no debt ceiling. There is no “mystery charisma” here, Trump has experienced and survived, barely, the problems associated with too much debt and no one in Washington truly cares about it. Trump’s rise is simply a matter of supply and demand.

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Stink, Stank, Stunk

My response to:

Despite what Donald Trump says, Americans are better than this

By Editorial Board

And a very Merry Christmas to you, WAPO. I’m surprised the editors didn’t finish this editorial song, “Your heart is full of unwashed socks, your soul is full of gunk, Mr. Trump, The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote, “Stink, stank, stunk”!”

The foundations have been shaken, WAPO’s poison pen has run dry [and is no longer available on Amazon], the Emperor has no clothes, political correctness is in tatters, there has been a run on the bank, talk radio is the new AIDS, Drudge has emasculated us, and now, those rubes, those plebeians, those unwashed Jesus freaks want their power back. WAPO, given a choice, “would take the seasick crocodile!”

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Breaching the 8th Amendment

My response to:

Why former Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel’s coming out against the White House matters

By Dan Lamothe

Can you imagine a four hour meeting with Susan Rice? Talk about a textbook breach of the Eighth Amendment. No doubt, Lynch has already has secret indictment secured against Hagel for using a private email account/server for government business.

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Skype from Janesville

My response to:

Paul Ryan: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

By Tyler O’Neil

The Omnibus was a disaster. Perhaps he should try being Speaker from Janesville and just use Skype, then his wife could knock some conservative sense into him.

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Faith Waivers

My response to:

Influential Christian College Withdraws from the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

By Chris Queen

Scripture is clear about God’s concern over sexual matters. If you lose the Scriptures, you lose the Faith.

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Barack’s Top Ten

My response to:

Obama: 10 reasons 2015 was so swell

BY Andrew Malcolm

I had to double check that this wasn’t The Onion. What is scary is that Obama probably believes this top ten and even thinks it’s clever.

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Fallout Shelters

My response to:

Donald Trump and the end of a movement

By David B. Frisk and Jonathan Riehl

The passage of the Omnibus has proved this article to be false. The GOP has a majority in the House and Senate and these authors are trumpeting concern about GOP “policy values.” So, the GOP suspends the debt limit and hands Obama, PP and Obamacare, a blank check and Reid & Pelosi, 72 virgins. The National Debt has crossed the fiscal Rubicon, everyone in Washington knows it, they just need more time for their secured bunkers to be completed. Frisk & Riehl, please quit spilling crocodile tears over Trump, just disclose your fallout shelter’s address.

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Nag Nanny of Nepotism

My response to:

Seeking America’s ‘lost’ greatness and finding Trump most appealing

by Marc Fisher

The beauty of Trump, and WAPO failed to mention, is that half of Democrats would vote for him over the nag nanny of nepotism.

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Papa was Rolling Stone

My response to:

Rubio and Cruz Atop the GOP

By Kevin D. Williamson is National Review’s roving correspondent

Kevin was a roving man
Where ever he laid his head was his home
And when he scribed
All he ever left us was a groan

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George On My Mind

My response to:

George Will: Trump defines down the GOP

By George Will

I love ya George but you’re using Washington numbers, down to 11.3 million? Ann Coulter’s new book, Adios, America puts the number at 30 million. Trump’s three core immigration principals outlined in his position paper: 1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border. 2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced. 3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans. George, please write another article discussing your reasons for disagreeing with 1, 2 and 3.

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What They Say And What They Mean

My response to

Trump’s audacious Southern spectacle is part of his strategy

By Robert Costa and David Weigel

….We lost the assignment lottery, but also might be related for ever publishing articles in National Review or Reason, and 2nd place is two weeks dining near folks who pray before meals…. By Robert Costa and David Weigel

MOBILE….A adjective for a city name?…., Ala.….Good Lord, do people live in houses, here?…. — It was the most audacious ….rhymes with fallacious, hellacious and vexacious…. Donald ….,The…. Trump spectacle ….at Haavard, they have convocations…. yet in a summer full of them, as the Republican ….may they, as Shakespeare “dies a thousand deaths before his death”…. presidential ….the Democrat prerogative, by right…. front-runner ….but, fortunately, still polling behind Hillary in a few states…., in his Boeing ….evil defense corporation…. 757, thundered over ….did the FAA allow this?…. a football ….a game that encourages concussions…. stadium here ….and were forced to attend…. Friday night and gave a raucous ….making or constituting a disturbingly harsh or loud noise…. to one of the largest crowds ….no doubt, drooling lily white knuckle dragging Neanderthals…. of the 2016 campaign….it was supposed to be a Hillary coronation, it’s her turn…..

But Trump’s flashy ….as in a pan…. performance ….he doesn’t really believe this twaddle, does he?…. was about more than showmanship….Thankfully, he didn’t shout, “Washington, you’re fired.”…. His visit to Alabama ….redux. Good Lord, do people live in houses, here?…. was coolly strategic….as in the same evil defense corporation’s bomber…., touching down in the heart ….is there a PP in Alabama…. of red America ….now spit…. and an increasingly important early battleground in the Republican ….now spit again…. nominating contest….it was supposed to be a Jeb coronation, it’s his turn…..

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George S Trump

My response to The Trump Paradox
by Robert Gelina

Trump is the first GOP candidate to realize this is a war election. He is currently armed with a blunderbuss, but he is armed. The rest of field has been caught, like chickens; preening, scratching and pecking for food. A few of the GOP candidates have now seemingly left the barnyard, fluttering toward the armory. It will be interesting to see who comes out armed and who comes out fried.

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Post modern Puritans?

My response to:
So You Say You Hate the Puritans
By Jeremy Egerer

I did not like this article. Puritans were a devout Christian sect that decided to leave their own country amid severe religious persecution. Many Puritans died coming to an untamed new country to live out their Christian beliefs, as Puritans read Scripture. Puritans had a true dedication to holiness and to God. I came across an audio version of The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions by Arthur Bennett. These prayers and devotions are so deep, sincere, and pure, I felt shallow, humbled and very Laodicean. No dancing on Sunday, my goodness, who could conceive of such a domineering restriction, maybe Moses? This article has chosen to highlight minor features of the Puritan belief system, modern pagans might consider shocking (if that were possible), while neglecting to esteem the fact it was the Puritans who were integral to the Christian beliefs that conceived, formed and built the United States. Modern pagans should not be allowed in the same sentence with the Puritans. Compare modern pagans with hedonists or idol worshipers not Puritans.

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Walmart & FEMA go shopping

My response to:

Walmart suddenly closes 5 stores, lays off 2200. Why?

by Rick Moran

Comment by Hotlanta Mike:
FEMA Wants to House Migrant Children in Empty Big Box Stores
Warehouses and shopping malls are also being considered…

Hotlanta Mike has nailed it. All affected stores are in southern locations. The “plumbing” problem Walmart referred to, is the immediate need for more bathrooms/showers when housing hundreds of children. FEMA is footing the two months of severance pay and paying rent greater than the annual profit of these particular locations. This would prove the Obama administration is more interested in open borders than jobs.

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Gold Standard

My response to:

The Return Of Traditional Values by Victor Davis Hanson

Into the milieu that Dr. Hanson delves, must be added the abandonment, by the left, of the rule of law. This progressive culture rot began with attacks on benign displays of the ‘Ten Commandments’ and simple public acknowledgements of reverence and dependence on God. Our lawmakers and judges abandon law, host their own rules and servers, and parade farce, hypocrisy and deviant licentiousness as coin of the realm. Dr. Hanson illuminates the need of a return to an internal/spiritual gold standard that simply obeys the law.

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Sputter, Spit and Spew

My response to;

Ted Cruz May Want the Evangelical Vote. But Evangelicals Don’t Want Ted Cruz
by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

It’s nice, for a change, to have some Republicans court the Evangelical vote. Democrats long ago replaced Israel’s God for a horny Mother Gaia, so Beltway Republicans know Evangelicals can either vote Republican or stay home, which many chose the last two presidential elections. Declaring Cruz insincere, attempts to elevate the author to a self-appointed prophetess status, claiming to know the thoughts and intents of the heart. To better understand Cruz, you must understand he is a PK (pastor’s kid). PK’s are usually either very, very good or they are horrid. Few PKs skew to the mean. I believe Cruz to be the former, which no doubt, makes now Prophetess Elizabeth (Lizzy?), sputter, spit and spew.

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Obama, Crusades, Islam and Sharia

Obama’s recent comments concerning the Crusades has provoked me to study more on Islam and the Crusades.
My research is also covering Sharia law. The resources are plentiful, the time is limited. More latter.

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