Shadow Banned

My response to:

President Trump Undoes Obama Legacy Commonsense Nobama

by Victor Davis Hanson

I’m pleased NR hasn’t shadow banned your article.


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Angel Cover

My response to:

Federal workers planning sabotage of the Trump administration

By Ed Straker

I dunno, the angels seem to be flying cover for Trump, i.e. a sua sponte en banc request from the 9th short circuit was the left’s first admission of a serious error in legal judgment (or a huge misreading of public attitudes.) Even Trump’s losses have boomeranged into wins. There’s not many celebrating Sally Yates’ defiance. Most federal workers are inordinately employment security conscious and that’s a major reason [I’d guess the health insurance is 2nd and the pension benefits are 3rd] they joined the lethargic leviathan. I doubt many of the rank and file will leak or revolt. With a couple more Yates type firings, even the Ivy Leaguers will heel. There are only so many lunatic fringe private jobs available and Brock’s sopped up much of that funding anyway.

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A Bridge Too Far

My response to:

Trump and the American Divide

By Victor Davis Hanson

Disturbing to me, in fly-over country, was the wholesale abandonment of the rule of law by the left. Obama’s pen & phone was a pitchfork into the heart of the Constitution. Red staters know, If the Constitution goes, so does the United States. Allowing Hillary to appoint Supreme Court justices was just a bridge too far.

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My response to:

 Can Trump’s Cabinet Save Him from Himself?

by Ruth Marcus

Why is Ruth writing in Evangelical shibboleths, “saved”? Does she want to become his disciple too?

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The End of All Things

My response to:

Why Trump Won

Fortunately, “The End of All Things”, as described in an earlier VDH column and the Lord of the Rings, is not yet. I shudder, however, to realize how close it was.


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Seven Deadly Sins

My response to:

Donald Trumps Astounding Victory: How and Why

by Michael Baron

Correct, “It would be a mistake also to suppose that Trump’s Electoral College victory means that Democrats are doomed to defeat because they lost their hold on non-college-educated whites this year.” Democrats are “doomed to defeat” because they embrace the sins of pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.

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The 3 C’s

My response to:

The Hillary Clinton email story is out of control

By: Editorial Board

The three C’s used to be Character, Capital and Capacity. Now they’re, (C) WAPO squirm. (C) Blackberries pulverized. (C) Hillary lie. The Nag Nanny of Nepotism is fading in the stretch.

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My response to:

Alphabet Soup Corruption

by Victor Davis Hanson

And you left out all the phony numbers put out by this Administration, i.e. bogus illegal alien numbers, bogus Obamacare numbers, bogus unemployment numbers, and bogus deficit numbers. The damage done is incalculable.

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The folded protein motor

Mr response to:

The protein folding problem: a major conundrum of science: Ken Dill at TEDxSBU

By Ken Dill

I enjoyed this presentation. The process is so complex, it boggles my mind. What would be the RPM range for these protein pump motors? I note the required “pinch of incense” to Darwin in this talk, i.e. life has been around 3 billion years (12:05). A gas engine currently lasts, say 10 years or 250,000 miles, before a required overhaul and an electric motor, maybe a bit longer. Why assert, in this talk, that a protein motor system has operated 3 billion years? I’m aware of Ford motors, GM motors, and Cummins motors. What does Dr. Dill believe the appropriate brand name that belongs in front of the folded protein motor? It certainly had to be designed by someone with a name.

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Choose this day

My response to:

I Choose Ted

By: Jonah Goldberg

Ted Cruz is not John Galt. Trump won, Scout’s way, fair & square, without even breaking much of a sweat. The dissonance and panic at NR is pounding bass palpable, i.e. The World’s Gone Crazy (nice Okafor version,… ) Cruz’s pique over Trump’s slander toward Cruz’s family doesn’t ring true to me. Something else is going on with Cruz, a born natural citizen.

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Lies, damn lies and statistics

My response to:

Fiat Chrysler Investigated by Regulators Over Sales Reports

By Aruna Viswanatha and Christina Rogers

The Obama Administration routinely uses bogus illegal alien numbers, bogus Obamacare numbers, bogus unemployment numbers, and bogus deficit numbers. If the Administration is not subject to Federal Law why should Fiat Chrysler be?

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Israel’s Un-Hyperloop

My response to:

Travelling the tracks to connect Israel’s largest two cities

By Ofer Petersburg,7340,L-4825986,00.html

The project looks like an ancient Roman water works. Train projects are never cost efficient, in the modern era they are simply a subsidy to bureaucrats, relieving bureaucrats of spending their own money on commuting. Train project capital costs are prohibitively expensive and tax funded maintenance & labor costs even worse. Now if this were a hyper-loop, then at least, the technology could be exported for a profit.

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Mayflower II

My response to:

The Law is Dying because Morality Is Dying
By Trevor Thomas

“Americans must simply decide by whose morality we wished to be governed.” Unfortunately, the governing institutions have already decided for us. Whether there is will be a Brexit equivalent vote of the American people, remains to be seen, the odds are not good. The question then becomes what folks who care about morality should do? I predict a great divorce and another Mayflower.

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The List of Companies

The list of companies that support allowing men in women’s restrooms.

1. Accenture
2. Affirm, Inc.
3. Airbnb, Inc.
4. American Airlines
5. Apple Inc.
6. Biogen Inc.
7. Bloomberg L.P.
8. Boehinger Ingleheim USA
9. Box
10. Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
11. Capital One Financial Corporation
12. Cisco Systems, Inc.
13. Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
14. Corning Incorporated
15. Cummins Inc.
16. Dropbox, Inc.
17. E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (“DuPont”)
18. eBay, Inc.
19. Etsy, Inc.
20. Everlaw, Inc.
21. Expedia, Inc.
22. FiftyThree, Inc.
23. Galxyz, Inc.
24. Gap Inc.
25. General Electric Company
26. Glassdoor, Inc.
27. Grokker
28. Hilton Worldwide
29. Honor
30. IBM Corporation
31. IKEA North America Services, LLC
32. Instacart
33. Intel Corporation
34. John Hancock Financial
35. Levi Strauss & Co.
36. LinkedIn Corporation
37. Logitech Inc.
38. Marriott International
39. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
40. Microsoft Corporation
41. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
42. Morgan Stanley
43. Nextdoor
44. NIKE
45. OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
46. Orbitz Worldwide
47. PayPal
48. Pepo Inc.
49. Quotient
50. RBC Capital Markets, LLC
51. Red Hat
52. Replacements, Ltd.
53. Salesforce
54. Slack
55. SV Angel LLC
56. Symantec Corporation
57. TD Bank, NA
58. Teespring
59. The Dow Chemical Company
60. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
61. ThirdLove
62. Tumblr
63. UnifyID, Inc.
64. United Airlines, Inc.
65. Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
66. Yelp Inc.
67. ZestFinance
68. Zynga Inc.

The world’s gone crazy.
I already dropped PayPal.
I have a lot of letters to write.

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Gang Jobholder

My response to:

Does Anyone Believe Trump Seriously Cares about Whether Ted Cruz Is a Natural-Born Citizen?

By: Jonah Goldberg anagram alias Gang Jobholder

Off air anagram to Gang Jobholder. Question answered: Trump “seriously cares” about winning. Issue settled: Ted Cruz is a born natural citizen.

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Born Natural Citizen

My response to:

Trump stokes another ‘birther’ debate

By Washington Examiner

For good reasons, America has knowingly never elected a foreign born President. I consider Mark Steyn a serious person not known to live in a fever swamp and he recently stated: “I too was born in Canada to a non-Canadian mother. So it pains me to have to say that I don’t agree that the eligibility question is the thoroughly “settled law” that he thinks it is: Were he to be the nominee, it’s entirely likely that Democrats, not to mention the GOP establishment that loathes him with a pathological intensity, would file suit somewhere, and, unlike the Obama cases, not have much difficulty finding some leftie judge willing to entertain the issue.” The Examiner is parroting global warming retoric that the matter is settled. No, it’s not.

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Penn’s pen

My response to:

The ultimate takedown of Sean Penn (and Geraldo Rivera)

By Thomas Lifson

I read Sean Penn’s article in Rolling Stone. The article was well written and fascinating. No non-Mexican journalist would pass up a clandestine opportunity to interview El Chapo. There is a tendency in liberalism and Penn’s pen, to puff evil as simply misdirected rather than irredeemably doomed to destruction.

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Untimely Ripped

My response to:

Trump and His Tools Should Stop Saying This About Constitution’s ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Clause

By Scott Ott

Ott is off. For real reasons, America has knowingly never had a foreign born President. The debate kind of reminds me of the Macbeth/Macduff duel. Whether Cruz was untimely ripped or not, his birth circumstances seem hard to squeeze into ‘natural born’ clothes. The Constitutional phrase, however, does not apply to Supreme Court appointments.

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My response to:

Trump’s nomination would rip the heart out of the Republican Party

By Michael Gerson

What terrible accusations, from a former follower from the party of Lincoln, i.e. Cruz is a fascist and Trump is a demagogue. Unfortunately, Michael Gerson has been seduced and succumbed to that Washington aura, air, water, principalities and powers that blinds, corrupts, and denudes Common Sense. Michael, the party is over, your Washington friends and pals have spent all the money now and for the next one hundred years. Your favored programs have devolved into pogroms against decent, religious and modest Americans. Lincoln conservatives, like Scouts, are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Washington parseltounges these values, redefines the words and actively legislates against their intent. But there is a Deep Magic. There is a un-fractured volcano deep in the heartland, it’s molten magma erupting, not because of “squalid prejudice” but righteous fury. You are going to get burnt.

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Natural Born Citizen

My response to:

Desperate, Dishonest Donald Trump Goes Birther on Ted Cruz

By Michael Van Der Galien

I like Cruz, I’d vote for him. Trump, however, has been politically brilliant, not “desperate or dishonest”. Trump has had to spend no money against Cruz but now Attorney Cruz will have to spend a whole bunch of money and time, telling voters to ignore a phrase in the Constitution or to interpret “natural born citizen” like Democrats do. GSR, earlier, is correct, the Constitutional phrase “natural born citizen” has been legally redefined out of existence but it’s still in the Constitution and that supposedly matters to the GOP.

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