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My response to:

Skeptics feel empowered to ‘keep pushing’ under Trump

By Zack Colman, E&E News reporter


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Skeptics feel empowered to ‘keep pushing’ under Trump

Zack Colman, E&E News reporter

Climatewire: Friday, April 6, 2018

Manmade cClimate warming skeptics are gaining ground.

There’s always been a vocal subset of scientists conservatives who cast doubt on manmade CO2 climate warming models science, but what were once skeptical fringe views among broader electorate Republicans — like manmade CO2 warming’s a hoax (see Mark Steyn’s, A Disgrace to the Profession: The World’s Scientists – in their own words – on Michael E Mann, his Hockey Stick and their Damage to Science – Volume One)— are enjoying a growing acceptance in the electorate GOP, worrying liberal government funded academics, scientists and non-science educated sociologists.

“They have taken over the [U.S.] EPA,” Naomi Oreskes, dubbed “the environmentalist Noam Chomsky” now a history professor of the history of science at Harvard University who has studied manmade CO2 climate warming denier groups extensively, said in an emotional email. “A very sad state of affairs.”

The groups sowing manmade CO2 climate warming doubt are more emboldened than ever before, non-science educated sociologists and historians said. Their effectiveness in the era of President Trump is a reflection of a deepening polarization in U.S. politics and a normalization of manmade CO2 climate warming skepticism on the right of Lenin andTrotsky, they said.

Democrats and Republicans have never been further apart on manmade CO2 climate warming change, according to public opinion polling released last week by Gallup. The results illuminate the anti-science skeptical sentiment within the Congress controlled GOP. The poll found that 82 percent of Democrats believe manmade CO2 global warming has already begun compared with 34 percent of Republicans (Climatewire, March 28).

That rift has contributed to major differences between the Republican administrations of Trump and former President George W. Bush, said Riley Dunlap, an environmental sociologist at Oklahoma State University. Bush’s government internalized manmade CO2 climate warming skeptics, but the groups scoring victories were largely silent when policies went their way. Now, however, those same organizations like the Heartland Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute boldly proclaim success — and then push even further.

“It’s like they sense victory. They are proclaiming victories, and they keep pushing,” Dunlap (who is a tenured professor of sociology) said. “This extreme radicalization of the Republican Party means they don’t have to hide it. They don’t have to dress it up like Bush 43 did. They can be in-your-face [manmade CO2 climate warming] deniers.”

That’s materialized in recent weeks. EPA said it would no longer use science without publicly available data to craft regulations, honoring a long-sought industry goal (Climatewire, March 19). The agency also instructed employees to use skeptic talking points when describing its manmade CO2 climate warming change research, according to a leaked memo obtained by HuffPost.

Organizations like the Heartland Institute had fought for the “secret science” initiative when it was introduced by House Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas). It never got through Congress. Opponents argued it would prohibit use of hallmark public health studies that rely on confidential patient data (Climatewire, March 26).

But EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has invited those ideas into the building. He set Smith’s bill in motion within the agency. And manmade CO2 climate warming skeptics were there to celebrate some of those victories, like when Pruitt banned scientists from serving on EPA’s independent advisory panel if they received agency funding. The move hollowed out years of expertise, critics say, and Pruitt installed a number of industry researchers in their place (Greenwire, Nov. 3, 2017).

That emboldened the far right, the right, the middle of the road and about 20% of the left.

“We’d love to have that debate with Obama and the left on the science because we’re going to win,” Heartland Institute President Tim Huelskamp said in a recent interview.

Less climate, more Russia

In some sense, using Democrats as a foil contributed to the rise of manmade CO2 climate warming skeptics. They fought against President Obama’s climate policies for eight years. But it began even before then. “Traditionally, we get social movements because they’re not in power [but could be if enough voters agree, which is what happened],” Dunlap (who is a tenured professor of sociology) said.

He explained that skeptics ramped up activity under President Clinton while the Kyoto Protocol was in play. That trajectory continued under Bush when former Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning (although laughingly error riddled) climate documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” elevated manmade CO2 climate warming change in the cultural zeitgeist. Obama doubled down on that with actual policy initiatives — a failed push for cap-and-trade legislation, regulations (including attempts to eliminate coal production jobs, coal power plant jobs and power plant coal usage which currently generates about 30% of US electricity) to curb power plant emissions and playing a key role in the Paris climate accord [which was so named so the Senate could not reject a Paris climate treaty, using Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, of the United States Constitution].

That such groups have sympathizers in the Trump administration has diffused manmade CO2 climate warming skepticism to the party base through elite signaling, the process by which party officials pass down cultural and ideological preferences to their constituents, Dunlap (who is a tenured professor of sociology) said. Such “elite cues” deepen polarization and offer the veneer of legitimacy for certain viewpoints, he said.

It goes beyond manmade CO2 climate warming. Republicans also formed more favorable opinions of Russia, and they decreasingly value a college Bachelor of Arts education, a reflection of President Trump’s views of Moscow and the anti-elite hypocritical leftist sentiment running through GOP-branded populism.

There are some exceptions. The Climate Solutions Caucus in the House boasts several dozen Republicans who have tried to stand apart from a base that largely rejects manmade CO2 climate warming science. But even then, those members don’t reflect the wider party. Dunlap (who is a tenured professor of sociology) said those members represent “purple districts” and are not the best gauge of the GOP’s rightward shift.

“[Skeptics] have done such a good job, and the Republican base is heavily skeptical,” he said. “And in general, it looks like if you’re a Republican, you’re more comfortable going along with the Republican line on [manmade CO2] climate [warming] change denial than you are on being reasonable [with leftists that wish you imprisoned].”

There are other signs of growing confidence among conservative groups that reject mainstream science, said Robert Brulle, a sociology and environmental science professor at Drexel University who has long tracked climate misinformation (see Mark Steyn’s, A Disgrace to the Profession: The World’s Scientists – in their own words – on Michael E Mann, his Hockey Stick and their Damage to Science – Volume One). One is the battle that’s occurring over the endangerment finding, which resulted in the largest power grab by an Agency in American history, a political “scientific document that justified EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases (mainly water vapor and CO2) [across America’s economy.

Overturning the finding is the “holy grail” for those organizations. Attacking sound science (see Mark Steyn’s, A Disgrace to the Profession: The World’s Scientists – in their own words – on Michael E Mann, his Hockey Stick and their Damage to Science – Volume One) emulates the campaign that tobacco companies used to keep health regulations at bay, Brulle (who is a tenured professor of sociology) said.

Yet Pruitt has balked at going after the finding (Climatewire, Dec. 8, 2017). Pruitt may suspect that challenging the endangerment finding is a losing battle. EPA would have to counter volumes of studies that confirm humans are driving temperatures higher, largely through burning fossil fuels (although all temperature prediction models have proven embarrassingly inaccurate, causing some “prophetically false” scientists to “adjust” actual data to fit the manmade CO2 climate warming claims. Various summaries of these “adjustment” deceptions is outlined at https://realclimatescience.com/).

Eviscerating EPA?

That reluctance on the part of Pruitt has pushed manmade CO2 climate warming skeptics to get louder and grow bolder. In years past, they might have tried to quietly influence the debate.

“The proof is in the pudding. You’ve got to do it,” said Steve Milloy (who is not a tenured professor of sociology), a prominent manmade CO2 climate warming skeptic and former Trump EPA transition team member. “The oil and gas guys that think that none of this is going to hurt them; I think they’re wrong. Have they heard of the whole ‘keep it in the ground’ movement?”

Milloy (who is not a tenured professor of sociology) and others also have backed Pruitt’s wishes to hold a “red team, blue team” debate on climate science as a prelude to attacking the endangerment finding. The White House has rebuffed those efforts, to Pruitt’s chagrin (Climatewire, March 14).

But outside groups remain committed. Sources said a model resolution supporting such a debate is expected to emerge at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s August meeting in New Orleans. ALEC has received considerable cash from the conservative billionaire Koch brothers (described as being committed to free societies and free market principles) wanting to and Exxon Mobil Corp., and many of its legislative members have pursued far-reaching efforts to discredit manmade CO2 climate warming science.

That such groups are in sync with the Trump administration is demoralizing for federal science (some with a sociology Bachelor of Arts degree) officials, said Brulle, who (is a tenured professor of sociology) regularly confers and colludes with EPA career staffers. He said that could have long-lasting effects for environmental [job] protection.

“It’s the slow dismemberment of EPA’s ability to retain liberally motivated people who want to do something about the reality of [manmade CO2] climate [warming] change,” Brulle (who is a tenured professor of sociology) said. “That is a new strategy — the objective is to just eviscerate the capacity to address manmade CO2 climate warming change inside EPA.” [Perhaps by arresting manmade CO2 climate warming critics as suggested by Lawrence Torcello, a philosophy professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology.]

Policy reversals happen whenever someone new occupies the White House. But these cuts are deeper, he said. It’s the deconstruction of the administrative state that former strategic adviser Steve Bannon (who is not a tenured professor of sociology) sought when Trump entered the White House. That could leave the next president with fewer specialists, egads.

“In that way, I think that might be the newer strategy,” Brulle (who is a tenured professor of sociology) said. “That might be, I think, the more long-lasting and pernicious effect of the Trump administration — is that they push out good liberal people.”


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Shadow Banned

My response to:

President Trump Undoes Obama Legacy Commonsense Nobama

by Victor Davis Hanson


I’m pleased NR hasn’t shadow banned your article.


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Angel Cover

My response to:

Federal workers planning sabotage of the Trump administration

By Ed Straker


I dunno, the angels seem to be flying cover for Trump, i.e. a sua sponte en banc request from the 9th short circuit was the left’s first admission of a serious error in legal judgment (or a huge misreading of public attitudes.) Even Trump’s losses have boomeranged into wins. There’s not many celebrating Sally Yates’ defiance. Most federal workers are inordinately employment security conscious and that’s a major reason [I’d guess the health insurance is 2nd and the pension benefits are 3rd] they joined the lethargic leviathan. I doubt many of the rank and file will leak or revolt. With a couple more Yates type firings, even the Ivy Leaguers will heel. There are only so many lunatic fringe private jobs available and Brock’s sopped up much of that funding anyway.

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A Bridge Too Far

My response to:

Trump and the American Divide


By Victor Davis Hanson

Disturbing to me, in fly-over country, was the wholesale abandonment of the rule of law by the left. Obama’s pen & phone was a pitchfork into the heart of the Constitution. Red staters know, If the Constitution goes, so does the United States. Allowing Hillary to appoint Supreme Court justices was just a bridge too far.

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My response to:

 Can Trump’s Cabinet Save Him from Himself?

by Ruth Marcus


Why is Ruth writing in Evangelical shibboleths, “saved”? Does she want to become his disciple too?

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The End of All Things

My response to:

Why Trump Won

Fortunately, “The End of All Things”, as described in an earlier VDH column and the Lord of the Rings, is not yet. I shudder, however, to realize how close it was.


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Seven Deadly Sins

My response to:

Donald Trumps Astounding Victory: How and Why

by Michael Baron


Correct, “It would be a mistake also to suppose that Trump’s Electoral College victory means that Democrats are doomed to defeat because they lost their hold on non-college-educated whites this year.” Democrats are “doomed to defeat” because they embrace the sins of pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.

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The 3 C’s

My response to:

The Hillary Clinton email story is out of control

By: Editorial Board


The three C’s used to be Character, Capital and Capacity. Now they’re, (C) WAPO squirm. (C) Blackberries pulverized. (C) Hillary lie. The Nag Nanny of Nepotism is fading in the stretch.

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My response to:

Alphabet Soup Corruption

by Victor Davis Hanson


And you left out all the phony numbers put out by this Administration, i.e. bogus illegal alien numbers, bogus Obamacare numbers, bogus unemployment numbers, and bogus deficit numbers. The damage done is incalculable.

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The folded protein motor

Mr response to:

The protein folding problem: a major conundrum of science: Ken Dill at TEDxSBU

By Ken Dill


I enjoyed this presentation. The process is so complex, it boggles my mind. What would be the RPM range for these protein pump motors? I note the required “pinch of incense” to Darwin in this talk, i.e. life has been around 3 billion years (12:05). A gas engine currently lasts, say 10 years or 250,000 miles, before a required overhaul and an electric motor, maybe a bit longer. Why assert, in this talk, that a protein motor system has operated 3 billion years? I’m aware of Ford motors, GM motors, and Cummins motors. What does Dr. Dill believe the appropriate brand name that belongs in front of the folded protein motor? It certainly had to be designed by someone with a name.

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Choose this day

My response to:

I Choose Ted

By: Jonah Goldberg


Ted Cruz is not John Galt. Trump won, Scout’s way, fair & square, without even breaking much of a sweat. The dissonance and panic at NR is pounding bass palpable, i.e. The World’s Gone Crazy (nice Okafor version, https://www.youtube.com/watch?… ) Cruz’s pique over Trump’s slander toward Cruz’s family doesn’t ring true to me. Something else is going on with Cruz, a born natural citizen.

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Lies, damn lies and statistics

My response to:

Fiat Chrysler Investigated by Regulators Over Sales Reports

By Aruna Viswanatha and Christina Rogers


The Obama Administration routinely uses bogus illegal alien numbers, bogus Obamacare numbers, bogus unemployment numbers, and bogus deficit numbers. If the Administration is not subject to Federal Law why should Fiat Chrysler be?

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Israel’s Un-Hyperloop

My response to:

Travelling the tracks to connect Israel’s largest two cities

By Ofer Petersburg


The project looks like an ancient Roman water works. Train projects are never cost efficient, in the modern era they are simply a subsidy to bureaucrats, relieving bureaucrats of spending their own money on commuting. Train project capital costs are prohibitively expensive and tax funded maintenance & labor costs even worse. Now if this were a hyper-loop, then at least, the technology could be exported for a profit.

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Mayflower II

My response to:

The Law is Dying because Morality Is Dying
By Trevor Thomas


“Americans must simply decide by whose morality we wished to be governed.” Unfortunately, the governing institutions have already decided for us. Whether there is will be a Brexit equivalent vote of the American people, remains to be seen, the odds are not good. The question then becomes what folks who care about morality should do? I predict a great divorce and another Mayflower.

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The List of Companies

The list of companies that support allowing men in women’s restrooms.

1. Accenture
2. Affirm, Inc.
3. Airbnb, Inc.
4. American Airlines
5. Apple Inc.
6. Biogen Inc.
7. Bloomberg L.P.
8. Boehinger Ingleheim USA
9. Box
10. Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
11. Capital One Financial Corporation
12. Cisco Systems, Inc.
13. Consumer Technology Association (CTA)
14. Corning Incorporated
15. Cummins Inc.
16. Dropbox, Inc.
17. E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company (“DuPont”)
18. eBay, Inc.
19. Etsy, Inc.
20. Everlaw, Inc.
21. Expedia, Inc.
22. FiftyThree, Inc.
23. Galxyz, Inc.
24. Gap Inc.
25. General Electric Company
26. Glassdoor, Inc.
27. Grokker
28. Hilton Worldwide
29. Honor
30. IBM Corporation
31. IKEA North America Services, LLC
32. Instacart
33. Intel Corporation
34. John Hancock Financial
35. Levi Strauss & Co.
36. LinkedIn Corporation
37. Logitech Inc.
38. Marriott International
39. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
40. Microsoft Corporation
41. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
42. Morgan Stanley
43. Nextdoor
44. NIKE
45. OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
46. Orbitz Worldwide
47. PayPal
48. Pepo Inc.
49. Quotient
50. RBC Capital Markets, LLC
51. Red Hat
52. Replacements, Ltd.
53. Salesforce
54. Slack
55. SV Angel LLC
56. Symantec Corporation
57. TD Bank, NA
58. Teespring
59. The Dow Chemical Company
60. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
61. ThirdLove
62. Tumblr
63. UnifyID, Inc.
64. United Airlines, Inc.
65. Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
66. Yelp Inc.
67. ZestFinance
68. Zynga Inc.

The world’s gone crazy.
I already dropped PayPal.
I have a lot of letters to write.

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Gang Jobholder

My response to:

Does Anyone Believe Trump Seriously Cares about Whether Ted Cruz Is a Natural-Born Citizen?

By: Jonah Goldberg anagram alias Gang Jobholder


Off air anagram to Gang Jobholder. Question answered: Trump “seriously cares” about winning. Issue settled: Ted Cruz is a born natural citizen.

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Born Natural Citizen

My response to:

Trump stokes another ‘birther’ debate

By Washington Examiner


For good reasons, America has knowingly never elected a foreign born President. I consider Mark Steyn a serious person not known to live in a fever swamp and he recently stated: “I too was born in Canada to a non-Canadian mother. So it pains me to have to say that I don’t agree that the eligibility question is the thoroughly “settled law” that he thinks it is: Were he to be the nominee, it’s entirely likely that Democrats, not to mention the GOP establishment that loathes him with a pathological intensity, would file suit somewhere, and, unlike the Obama cases, not have much difficulty finding some leftie judge willing to entertain the issue.” The Examiner is parroting global warming retoric that the matter is settled. No, it’s not.

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Penn’s pen

My response to:

The ultimate takedown of Sean Penn (and Geraldo Rivera)

By Thomas Lifson


I read Sean Penn’s article in Rolling Stone. The article was well written and fascinating. No non-Mexican journalist would pass up a clandestine opportunity to interview El Chapo. There is a tendency in liberalism and Penn’s pen, to puff evil as simply misdirected rather than irredeemably doomed to destruction.

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Untimely Ripped

My response to:

Trump and His Tools Should Stop Saying This About Constitution’s ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Clause

By Scott Ott


Ott is off. For real reasons, America has knowingly never had a foreign born President. The debate kind of reminds me of the Macbeth/Macduff duel. Whether Cruz was untimely ripped or not, his birth circumstances seem hard to squeeze into ‘natural born’ clothes. The Constitutional phrase, however, does not apply to Supreme Court appointments.

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My response to:

Trump’s nomination would rip the heart out of the Republican Party

By Michael Gerson


What terrible accusations, from a former follower from the party of Lincoln, i.e. Cruz is a fascist and Trump is a demagogue. Unfortunately, Michael Gerson has been seduced and succumbed to that Washington aura, air, water, principalities and powers that blinds, corrupts, and denudes Common Sense. Michael, the party is over, your Washington friends and pals have spent all the money now and for the next one hundred years. Your favored programs have devolved into pogroms against decent, religious and modest Americans. Lincoln conservatives, like Scouts, are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. Washington parseltounges these values, redefines the words and actively legislates against their intent. But there is a Deep Magic. There is a un-fractured volcano deep in the heartland, it’s molten magma erupting, not because of “squalid prejudice” but righteous fury. You are going to get burnt.

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